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With our hot tubs, you get everything you need to start relaxing in your garden in one timely delivered package on a pallet. Choose between a fully assembled hot tub that you just need to position in place or select the flat pack hot tub that is easy to move into location, due to the walls of the hot tub not being mounted yet, giving you the freedom to install at your leisure and on your timeframe. The package includes

  • The complete wooden barrel hot tub with tension       cables and seating
  • Full coverage wooden lid
  • High flow drain valve
  • High temp rubber pipework to connect the fire
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel wood burning stove ranging from 24-37kw with 2m flue and rain cap
  • Chlorine floater with 6 months chlorine tablet supply
  • Delivery to mainland UK included. For Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland & islands please contact us for a quote


Measurements of sizing options are as follows

2 Person - 1200mm diameter x 1050mm in height. Using 24kw stove measuring 600mm Height x 500mm width x 500mm length

4 person - 1350mm diameter x 1050mm in height. Using 24kw stove measuring 600mm Height x 500mm width x 500mm length

6 Person - 1600mm in diameter x 1050mm in height. Using 30kw stove measuring 600mm Height x 500mm width x 700mm length

8 Person - 1800mm in diameter x 1050mm in height. Using 37kw stove measuring 600mm Height x 500mm width x 1000mm length


Frequently Asked Questions

how do the hot tubs heat up?

Our Hot tubs heat up through convection. This process involves the stove drawing cooler water into the lower pipe. As the fire heats the water jacket around it, the water gradually warms up and ascends to the top of the water jacket surrounding the stove, exiting through the upper pipe. Heat rises, and this principle applies to water as well. As water molecules become heated, they start to vibrate and rise, similar to how warm air ascends..


How long do they take to heat up?

the 2 person is slightly faster at 90 minutes, which uses a 24kw stove. the 4, 6 & 8 person heats up in around 2 hours. heating times can be slightly improved with use of one of our wooden stirring paddles to mix the water 2-3 times during the heating process


The hot tubs don't have a plastic liner. how do they stay watertight?

Modern hot tubs often feature plastic liners, but here at Birchwells, we take a more traditional approach. Our hot tubs are crafted with precision joinery, offering the natural feel and aroma of wood. As you fill your hot tub for the first time, the wood fibers will swell immediately. Within the first 24 hours, the swelling wood creates a tight seal between each joint, all reinforced by stainless steel tension cables. Initially, your hot tub may leak slightly, but after about 24 hours, the leaks will cease, and your hot tub will become watertight.


Do I need to treat the wood?

yes. once your hot tub has finished swelling, you must treat your hot tub for the first time with an oil of your choosing. we recommend Tung oil. it leaves a natural finish on your hot tub, so you can preserve its natural beauty.


How long do your hot tubs last?

This depends on the wood species you choose. Our Canadian wester red cedar hot tubs can be expected to last 25 years, and our spruce hot tubs 15 with good yearly coats of oil


do your hot tubs have warranty?

yes. our hot tubs all have a two year warranty on all parts of the product.


what is the difference between flat pack and assembled?

One of the main challenges with hot tubs is their installation due to their heavy and bulky nature upon delivery, often compounded by limited access in gardens. The flat pack product offers a solution by delivering the hot tub in pieces. The more complex assembly steps are pre-done; you simply need to mount the staves onto the base, arrange the stainless steel cables around the hot tub's exterior, tighten them, and then position and secure the pre-cut seats and frames. We provide assembly instructions for those who wish to review them prior to purchase for added confidence. The flat pack construction is akin to assembling furniture from IKEA. As for the assembled hot tubs, they arrive ready-made, requiring only a quick 5-minute connection of the pipework to the heater.


how do the hot tubs arrive?

both variants of the hot tub arrive on a pallet which is tail lifted off the lorry. they will place the place on the closest point of your property for you to then unpack and move the hot tub and its components either to cover or to their desired final location


what can i use to heat the hot tub?

our stoves use exclusively wood to heat the water. you cannot use coal or any alternative fuel source. we often recommend using softwood to get the fire to temperature quickly and then moving onto hardwood. we always recommend quality kiln dried firewood. never use freshly cut wood or garden waste.





we are in the process of finalising our sauna offering, including ice plunge pools alongside as the perfect addition to your spa experience. send us an e-mail to register your interest

Sauna Kits coming soon

Spa treatments such as saunas and hot tubs have been shown to provide several physiological benefits that can positively impact an individual's overall health. The heat generated in saunas can increase blood flow, resulting in improved circulation and the release of beneficial hormones, which can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Sweating induced by heat exposure can also aid in the elimination of toxins and support the immune system. Similarly, the warm water and buoyancy of hot tubs can help to ease muscle tension, reduce joint pain, and improve mobility. This effect is due to the heat's ability to dilate blood vessels and enhance circulation, resulting in increased oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles and tissues. Overall, spa treatments have demonstrated a range of physical and physiological benefits that can support an individual's health and wellness.

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Our manufacturing journey began through our joy of woodworking and desire to bring the same experiences from our own home to other peoples. We created our first prototype in November 2022 for our family to enjoy and have gone from strength to strength since firing up our hot tub for the first time. Wooden hot tubs powered by wood give an exciting unique experience every time you use them. The scent of the Norwegian spruce imbues a sense of luxury and serenity and the increased buoyancy compared to standard plastic hot tubs separate them into their own special category. Our hot tubs are much deeper than standard hot tubs which can give you the extremely relaxing sensation of floating like you are in a swimming pool, combined with the fact you are outside leads to especially enjoyable experiences every single time you step in. Based near Sheffield, we fully manufacture from our warehouse and control every step of the process and delivery ourselves. we currently manufacture using Norwegian spruce and check all the stock we receive for quality prior to manufacture. We intend to offer hardwood options like oak as well as more luxurious softwood options such a cedar in the near future. Also keep your eyes peeled ready for our sauna options which we hope to offer this year.




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